Brown Skin & Green Paper-Ice-[2015]

Brown Skin & Green Paper
Artist: Ice
Álbum: Brown Skin & Green Paper
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Tracks: 20
Codec: MPEG 1 Layer III/128 kbps
Playtime: 01:12:14
Size: 67,73 MB
Year: 2015
002-En Tu Vida-Ice-(03:26)
003-Lo Que Siento-Ice-(03:53)
004-All The People-Ice-(04:26)
005-Chasin’ Hundreds-Ice-(03:23)
006-Krums 2 Bricks-Ice-(03:24)
007-Dymonds On The Cross-Ice-(03:46)
008-Only Wetback-Ice-(03:15)
009-Legalize The Ganya-Ice-(03:29)
010-One Deep-Ice-(03:06)
011-I’m Sorry Dad-Ice-(04:06)
012-Breakin’ Boyz-Ice-(04:50)
013-De Corra-Ice-(03:04)
014-What You Make It-Ice-(03:22)
015-My City-Ice-(04:18)
016-I Wanna Get High-Ice-(04:14)
017-Let’s Ryde-Ice-(03:49)
018-Lights Out-Ice-(04:15)
019-Las Calles-Ice-(04:52)
020-She’s My Lady-Ice-(02:56)