The No 1 Pan Pipe Love Album-Vol.1,2,3-[2007]

Artist: Pierre Belmonde
Álbum: No 1 Pan Pipe Love Album
Genre: New Age/Instrumental
Tracks: 18
Codec: MPEG 1 Layer III/128 kbps
Playtime: 01:08:43
Size: 64,12 MB
Year: 2007

001-Candle In The Wind-Pierre Belmonde-(03:57)
002-Eternal Flame-Pierre Belmonde-(02:59)
003-China In Your Hand-Pierre Belmonde-(02:55)
004-Take My Breath Away-Pierre Belmonde-(03:37)
005-2 Become 1-Pierre Belmonde-(03:41)
006-How Deep Is Your Love-Pierre Belmonde-(03:52)
007-Careless Whisper-Pierre Belmonde-(03:20)
008-Without You-Pierre Belmonde-(03:06)
009-Think Twice-Pierre Belmonde-(04:18)
010-The Power Of Love-Pierre Belmonde-(05:51)
011-I Will Always Love You-Pierre Belmonde-(04:07)
012-Unchained Melody-Pierre Belmonde-(03:44)
013-Killing Me Softly With His Song-Pierre Belmonde-(04:41)
014-One Day In Your Life-Pierre Belmonde-(04:31)
015-I’m Not In Love-Pierre Belmonde-(03:23)
016-Woman-Pierre Belmonde-(02:57)
017-The Lady In Red-Pierre Belmonde-(03:55)
018-Love Is All Around-Pierre Belmonde-(03:42)
Artist: Pierre Belmonde
Álbum: No 1 Pan Pipe Love Album Vol.2
Genre: New Age/Instrumental
Tracks: 20
Codec: MPEG 1 Layer III/128 kbps
Playtime: 01:14:38
Size: 69,58 MB
Year: 2007

001-My Heart Will Go On (From “Titanic”)-Pierre Belmonde-(04:30)
002-Perfect Day-Pierre Belmonde-(04:01)
003-Too Much-Pierre Belmonde-(03:23)
004-Something About The Way You Look Tonight-Pierre Belmonde-(03:39)
005-Every Breath You Take-Pierre Belmonde-(03:02)
006-True-Pierre Belmonde-(03:39)
007-If You Leave Me Now-Pierre Belmonde-(03:46)
008-I Only Have Eyes For You-Pierre Belmonde-(03:16)
009-Woman In Love-Pierre Belmonde-(05:04)
010-I Believe I Can Fly-Pierre Belmonde-(04:12)
011-Hello-Pierre Belmonde-(03:28)
012-First Time-Pierre Belmonde-(02:32)
013-When I Need You-Pierre Belmonde-(03:50)
014-Je T’aime…Moi Non Plus-Pierre Belmonde-(04:03)
015-Three Times A Lady-Pierre Belmonde-(03:41)
016-Show Me Heaven-Pierre Belmonde-(03:41)
017-Jealous Guy-Pierre Belmonde-(03:39)
018-Wherever I Lay My Hat-Pierre Belmonde-(03:00)
019-I Want To Know What Love Is-Pierre Belmonde-(03:44)
020-Move Closer-Pierre Belmonde-(04:17)
Artist: Pierre Belmonde
Álbum: No 1 Pan Pipe Love Album Vol.3
Genre: New Age/Instrumental
Tracks: 20
Codec: MPEG 1 Layer III/128 kbps
Playtime: 01:15:43
Size: 70,75 MB
Year: 2007

001-No Matter What-Pierre Belmonde-(03:55)
002-She’s The One-Pierre Belmonde-(04:22)
003-I Have A Dream-Pierre Belmonde-(04:14)
004-Seasons In The Sun-Pierre Belmonde-(03:52)
005-Perfect Moment-Pierre Belmonde-(03:39)
006-I Want It That Way-Pierre Belmonde-(03:33)
007-I Was Born To Make You Happy-Pierre Belmonde-(03:35)
008-When You Say Nothing At All-Pierre Belmonde-(04:14)
009-You Needed Me-Pierre Belmonde-(02:52)
010-Lift Me Up-Pierre Belmonde-(03:50)
011-Swear It Again-Pierre Belmonde-(03:52)
012-A Little Bit More-Pierre Belmonde-(03:09)
013-Something About The Way You Look Tonight-Pierre Belmonde-(03:44)
014-Turn Back Time-Pierre Belmonde-(03:24)
015-Viva Forever-Pierre Belmonde-(04:28)
016-Runaway-Pierre Belmonde-(04:06)
017-Under The Bridge-Pierre Belmonde-(04:19)
018-All That I Need-Pierre Belmonde-(03:36)
019-Rise-Pierre Belmonde-(03:23)
020-Sometimes-Pierre Belmonde-(03:35)